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Environment adaptability: Today's business landscape is anything but static. The continuous dynamism of the business ecosystem is such that speed and efficiency are imperative.

This mix of factors places enormous demands on organisations and their ability to serve customers. It is at this intersection in the business landscape that JoulesToWatts ’ ability to architect a robust IT strategy becomes imperative. Our strategy helps you plan, deploy and operate customer-facing services, improve productivity and profitability.

Broad spectrum of skills : JoulesToWatts’ IT services team is fully equipped and importantly, committed to enabling organisations through innovative and cost-effective software services and solutions. Our broad spectrum of business and technology skills ensure that our client’s needs are at the forefront, in the near and long term. We streamline the client’s business processes, simplify technology management and help achieve competitive advantage.

Technology consulting : JoulesToWatts’ consulting services assist clients with expertise in planning and executing technology initiatives. Considering that there is a new tool or technology that comes up everyday, it is important to develop a clear perspective of what is relevant and what is not.

In this light, we advise clients on technology best practices; how to leverage them, innovate and transform their business. Apart from advise, we offer cutting-edge business and technology-based solutions to help clients achieve their business goals through effective Information Technology adoption. We also provide options for clients wherein they can outsource their IT requirements. This gives them the freedom to focus on strategic business initiatives, build core competency and grow their bottomline. Our bespoke outsourcing models are geared to address specific client needs through well-defined engagement models.

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Cost effectiveness: Global In-house Centres (Captives) are perhaps India’s greatest contribution to the global software industry. A model that proved to be a highly successful

option for multinational giants to leverage the abundant technology talent pool in India and bring about enormous cost savings. Over the years, the model and the methods have evolved to increasing perfection and high efficiency standards. Expectedly, global organisations with large IT spends rely on GICs for sustainable outsourcing of their IT activities and with assured delivery standards.

Robust business model: This sector (IT outsourcing and global sourcing) is bound to grow further in the near future, thanks to the prevalent market conditions and current economic landscape. As companies keenly search for potential partners, the global sourcing model is all set to build on the momentum by providing the necessary people, processes, and tools. GICs offer unique structural advantages that can be exploited to transform them into Centres of Excellence (CoE) for client organisations. GIC solutions from JoulesToWatts encourage innovation and deliver value to its clients and partners. Our GIC services focus on the challenges specific to your industry or technology domain, while simultaneously nurturing internal competencies to transform your GIC into a revenue centre.

JoulesToWatts brings specialised skill sets in setting up and managing GICs and offers rich insights into the right engagement models to help our clients take advantage of cost reduction by providing high quality deliveries. We help clients in setting up GICs that can deliver substantial cost and performance benefits for IT and business processes. We leverage our expertise and knowledge base to ensure that our clients receive scalable and cost-effective solutions so that their GICs add value to their business and remain relevant in the market. Our clients benefit from outcome-based managed services and turn to us for consulting expertise to set up GICs in India and assist them in their resourcing initiatives, globally.

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The modern corporation is intensely knowledge-driven. Unlike the smokestacks of an earlier era, the new era organisations are staffed by highly individualistic knowledge workers.

How does a HR Manager align the organisation’s goals with each one’s aspirations and expectations? Undoubtedly, managing talent is perhaps the single biggest HR challenge in the software industry.That said, any organisation has to hire, manage and retain talented employees. This is where JoulesToWatts Talent Collaboration suite of solutions comes into play. It comprises all of the work processes and systems that are related to retaining and developing a superior workforce.

The solution suite is applicable to businesses of medium and large sizes wherein there are clearly defined reporting structures. Apart from integrating well with the business strategy of the organisation, the solution shares information about talented employees and their potential career paths across the organisation. This enables various departments to identify available talent when opportunities are created or arise.

Our Collaboration Solutions are as below:

Full-time Talent: In keeping with the client’s requirement, JoulesToWatts does a thorough evaluation to determine whether the position calls for a full time resource. Accordingly, JoulesToWatts identifies suitable resource and suggests to the client. The client saves enormous time through this approach.Recruitment Process Outsourcing: JoulesToWatts offers RPO services to take the load of an organisation’s HR department. The hyper growth of the IT industry has overloaded the employees with much repetitive paper work that can be easily outsourced to third party agencies. JoulesToWatts fills in this need with no loss of efficiency.

Partnered Talent: There may be instances when an organisation may not be inclined to hire a full time resource when it needs a high quality talent for a temporary requirement. JoulesToWatts through its network of specialist consultants identifies the right talent fitment, convinces them of the project deliverables and follows through the transaction till closure.Partnered Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing: Many organisations follow a lean staffing model focussing only on marketing and outsource all other support functions to specialist agencies. JoulesToWatts has partnered with premium corporates in managing their talent acquisition function with high value addition and efficiency.

Master Service Partner: As a Master Service Partner to global product and service companies, JoulesToWatts has developed the highest level of competency and capability. JoulesToWatts is uniquely positioned to offer best-in-class services which are validated to ensure security, reliability, and performance. Customised Talent Collaboration Consulting and Solutions: Collaboration in the truest sense is the meeting of competent minds with a common, mutually beneficial goal. As the parameters vary in each case, JoulesToWatts has developed a customised collaboration model that integrates the talent strengths of the client with JoulesToWatts and delivers solutions that are exactly customised to solve the challenge at hand.

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The remarkable feature of a meritocratic and capitalist economy is the immense demand for real talent. Talent that has proved its mettle and worth in real and challenging

business scenarios. Expectedly, the demand for such talent is huge, while the supply is minimal. Thanks to the networked, social media-driven nature of the professional environment, information flies very fast. While this is beneficial in the larger context in terms of information, it makes things rather complicated for clients who are in need of competent senior talent because of difficulty in keeping things under the radar.

In light of this scenario, JoulesToWatts has conceptualised the J2W Premier Lounge. This is a senior talent leveraging platform wherein confidentiality reigns supreme. Clients can get to know high-in-demand, high-experience, specialised professionals and explore different working models with them. They could be short-term assignments, consultancy-based and the like where the rich talent is deployed in the most effective manner beneficial to both parties. Through J2W Premier Lounge, JoulesToWatts has given the industry a platform to explore innovative ways of leveraging senior and niche talent in ways beyond just a full time opportunity.

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JoulestoWatts is a business solutioning and consulting company that delivers client-focused and multi-disciplinary solutions. Our strength is in overcoming complex challenges to deliver sustainable value and profits to clients on time. We believe in our ability to positively impact our clients’ businesses across industry verticals with customised solutions, technology-driven services and rigorous analytics. This unique capability has enabled us to uncover insights, leading to smart decisions, supported by the best technologies and operational processes.In short, we empower clients with relentless innovation, extraordinary growth and therefore, profits.

Platform for Senior niche talent [8+Yrs]

For freshers and experienced [All skills]


Who We Are

JoulestoWatts delivers client-focused, multi-disciplinary solutions to complex challenges and opportunities to achieve tangible and sustainable enterprise value through disciplined execution of tailored business strategies. We apply analytical rigour to uncover insights that lead to smart decisions and use the best technologies and operationalprocesses to bring innovation, growth and value to our clients’ businesses.

We engage with our clients on key strategic issues specifically in areas of technology, sales and business development, GICs and talent management. We collaborate with leading companies to identify and pursue new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities, and deliver pragmatic solutions to help our clients succeed and thrive. We help our clients align their infrastructure, businesses and resources to meet the demands of the marketplace and deliver enduring results.

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The JoulestoWatts team comprises industry experts and management practitioners who bring a breadth of industry and consulting experience and provide thought leadership, leverage best practices and deliver enhanced value to our customers. Our world-class solutions and timely delivery are geared towards eliminating technology and operational barriers faced by organisations and deliver results that drive profitability.

We were one of the earliest talent managementand HR professionals who pioneered the concept of contract staffing in India. With over a decade’s experience in this space, we are uniquely positioned to apply the learnings of the past to the future needs of the industry. And it is not just knowing about the solution. What is important is the world-class quality of the solutions and its application with an on-time consciousness. A trait that is ingrained in our cadre who deliver the solutions.

Priti Sawant: Founder & CEO

JoulestoWatts is led by Priti Sawant. She brings over two decades’ experience in managing strategic engagements and leverages her vast operational experience to advise companies on growing their business by uncovering new opportunities and identifying untapped revenue streams in addition to developing leadership capital. She is widely recognised for her role in charting the growth of IT contract staffing in India and defining path-breaking staffing models for Fortune 500 technology companies. A hands-on people person, she is known for shaping and fostering enthusiastic and energetic work culture and building high-performance teams.

Priti successfully led Magna India operations as COO during 2010-2012, a period of heightened activity and global expansion. She was elevated to Executive Director & CEO of Magna Infotech in 2013 with the responsibility to oversee the company’s Indian and global operations. A premier IT contract staffing company, Magna Infotech is an Ikya Group company owned by $30bn Fairfax Group. Currently, Magna Infotech is a 7500-strong company with Rs. 400-crore turnover.

Priti is an active CII IWIN member and also channels her energies to mentor startups. She is also known in industry circles as a talent acquisition trendsetter and a gender diversity specialist. A keen advocate of gender diversity at the workplace, she had 50 per cent leadership roles driven by women and her internal core staff comprised 40 per cent women. She has helped organisations articulate strategies for the development of women at the workplace by defining and addressing the challenges they experience and encouraging their professional growth.Priti has a background in Electrical Engineering and Marketing Management. Prior to her association with the Ikya Group, Priti’s career has seen her essay managerial and leadership roles at Accenture and Boston Management Consultants.

Anil Danti: Vice President - Technology & Innovation

Anil heads strategic initiatives in Technology and Innovation. He comes with a strong technology background with 19+ years experience in the Industry. He has varied Industry experience ranging from custom product development as a developer to heading a large client engagement comprising of application development and maintenance. He has lead several solutions and implementations on critical transformational programs : Cloud migration, CRM/ERP package solutions, Ethernet services and New Retail Experience for global clients.

Having managed and worked with multi-cultural teams, he brings in rich experience of putting the best delivery models in place for global clients. He has worked on strategic road map development and implementation of technology, process and standards in globally integrated organizations. He is adept at working with clients to devise innovative yet pragmatic solutions for complex business problems in Data Analytics, Big data, CRM, ERP, Cloud and Mobility space.

Anil has strong conviction in technology automation and that it can do wonders in every aspect of business.

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At JoulestoWatts, we have the expertise to serve most industry verticals in the Fortune 500 spectrum. Our ability to grasp the macro picture has enabled to us to identify the short and long term solutions the client needs and this is irrespective of the industry – from IT services to BFSI, from Telecom to Healthcare.At JoulestoWatts, ‘Customer is king’ is more than

just a pithy statement. We intrinsically believe in it as a policy. Our customers get top priority management time ensuring that no bottlenecks arise in course of project delivery. All the company’s process frameworks are geared to create a ‘customer consciousness’ among all the employees – from the CEO to the last line employee. Expectedly, most of our customers continue and expand the engagement with us. That we believe is the true testimony of JoulestoWatts’ competence.

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We are all about energy. At JoulestoWatts , we generate and consume intellectual energy. Energy that is translated into delightful solutions that every individual member at JoulestoWatts takes pride in. Energy that prompts every one of us to go the extra mile to deliver results that goes above and beyond the expectations of clients. Energy that gives us the strength to absorb technology

advancements and yet be modest enough to learn every waking hour.

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IT Services

JoulesToWatts offers the full spectrum of information technology services. Regardless of your company’s position in the IT spectrum, we have the capabilities to extract the best value from your legacy systems and add new technologies to enable your business processes become highly efficient.

Our professionals bring keen insights into global technology trends and can intuitively grasp a business problem and put together the solutions necessary to solve it. Our application development and maintenance competencies cover almost everything – from legacy mainframes to Android/iPhone development.

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The BFSI sector is one category that is truly a mix of the modern and the traditional technologies, and also one that carries enormous potential for efficiency At JoulesToWatts we have built up teams who have a sound understanding of the technical and infrastructural issues related to the humungous

nature of BFSI industry. The skill sets that are crucial at the front end (customer relationship, transaction efficiency, etc.) are distinctly different for the back end (risk balancing, data security, server uptimes, etc.). JoulesToWatts delivers competitive advantage and speed of customer services to the BFSI sector.

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Among the many new millennium industries, Telecom has perhaps seen the fastest growth adding millions of users across the world. JoulesToWatts provides software and technology services that cover the full telecom spectrum – from billing to managing churn to loyalty management to network,

infrastructure management, we have done it all. Our competencies have helped telecom operators and related service providers to build efficiencies and speed up delivery of customer-facing services.

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JoulesToWatts offers cost-effective product development services across various domains to product companies. This is a crucial advantage for such companies who can free up their resources to focus on marketing and research activities. We offer high safeguards for Intellectual Property protection and deliver according to defined guidelines,

parameters and the client’s vision. Our project management methodology is uniquely different for product development projects and that helps a great deal in accomplishing targeted milestones.

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JoulesToWatts has developed customised methodologies for the healthcare industry. Perhaps one of the most greenfield and fast growing industry sectors, healthcare is in dire need of efficient Information Technology interventions. JoulesToWatts have built the necessary customisable solutions based on a hospital’s size and need

– right from patient management to replenishing stock positions to transcription of clinical data to digitizing patient records to billing.

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There is no denying that every product and service in this world has the potential to be eCommerce-enabled. We, at JoulesToWatts, have built skill sets covering the entire spectrum of the eCommerce ecosystem – from transactional front ends to final check out.And all the functions in-between such as database management,

user experience design, super lean programming skills, payment gateway linkages, security trends and finally, logistical and delivery challenges.

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Talent Development

At JoulesToWatts, we recognise the inherent strengths of each individual and believe in investing in every employee. We believe that heterogeneous talent pool is a critical factor

for the success of the organisation and draw upon the strengths of our employees from diverse backgrounds. We have a flat organisational structure that encourages innovation and rewards individual contribution. We foster a culture that encourages continuous learning and development with appropriate need-based and value-added training programmes designed to enhance individual abilities and skills. We focus on our human capital by keeping our employees highly motivated with a sense of ownership and belonging. Our best practices are designed to encourage transparency, help employees realise their potential and maximise productivity. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all our employees.

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Life AT

JoulesToWatts fosters a collaborative, non-hierarchical work environment with emphasis on teamwork, initiative and creative thinking. We believe in open communication

and encourage new ideas. At JoulesToWatts, we share the aspirations ofeach member of the team and align our incentives with their objectives. We are serious about their continuous professional development and make a substantial investment in nurturing their talent to help our employees thrive and advance. We celebrate team successes and take immense pride in the skills and knowledge contributed by every individual member of our team. We are committed to developing a diverse workforce and firmly believe in creating an inclusive, empowering environment for all our employees. We encourage a healthy work-life balance and support our employees’ pursuit of their careers in ways that contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of both, their professional and personal lives.

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R&D Labs

JoulesToWatts offers customised research and development services based on a client’s specific needs. We undertake the entire sequence of activities

necessary for productive R&D output – from identifying suitable talent, to providing a conducive environment, to monitoring progress in a non-intrusive way and delivering timely results. It is akin to a client having an in-house R&D Lab, but without the concomitant encumbrances.

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We Believe In

Our values are the cornerstone of our business and define us as a company. Each member of our team is imbued with these core values and they pervade all our actions...

Customer service that is not just great, but legendaryOur customers’ interests are paramount and take precedence over everything else. We bring an unswerving focus and proactive approach in all our interactions. We are nimble in our responses and lend unconditional support to our clients to solve their problems, create sustained value and build enduring relationships.

Work hard. Work fearlessly. Work to make a differenceInnovation happens if the environment is free enough to commit mistakes, and to learn from them. We encourage our people to go full steam ahead, break conventions and create breakthrough innovations that will set industry standards. Future-proof solutions that not just meet critical business challenges but that also anticipate market trends and scenarios.

Going beyond excellence is a habitWe believe in meritocracy and are committed to pursuing excellence in everything we do, be it the quality of our work or in our interactions with clients. We do not accept or settle for mediocrity. Our people are mature and experienced professionals with impeccable credentials who go the extra mile to meet customer commitments.

We do the new, deliver the difficult and attempt the impossibleA great workplace is about the camaraderie – something that we have in abundance. Our enthusiasm seeps into everything we do and is fuelled by a high-performing, energetic team who collaborate to solve problems fast without compromising on the quality or the timeliness of the solution. Speed in not just delivery, but in acquiring the necessary knowledge and tools of the trade to stay ahead in the game.

Doing right is never wrongWith ownership comes responsibility. When clients place their trust and confidence in us, we hold ourselves accountable for our individual and collective actions. We do not compromise on integrity even under the most trying circumstances. We believe in being forthright and ethical in all our interactions with colleagues, clients and partners. We respect and value each individual for their innate potential and ability to contribute to the big picture.

Learn. Grow. Lead.We have spent (and continue to) an enormous amount of time, effort and investment in building competencies and skill sets to stay relevant and competitive in the global marketplace. When we commit to a project deliverable, we are absolutely sure about our ability to deliver to the agreed upon standard and within deadline. This clarity enables us to complete projects on time and profitably.

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